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[04 Nov 2006|07:36pm]
Okay, moving to scru for real this time. I'll start adding people and notifying and everything right this second. Cheers!
shot the pretty boy;;

[14 Sep 2006|07:31pm]

So like I'm totally selling all of my unwanted whatnots on this LJ: zumverkauf. It's uber-cheap and a lot of fun and feel free to check the stuffwhats out.
shot the pretty boy;;

[18 Aug 2006|08:30pm]
So I know I do this a lot, but I'm switching livejournals. Yes again.

If anyone here is still interested, the new address is scru. Cheers!
1 ?? shot the pretty boy;;

[30 Dec 2005|09:27pm]
23 ?? shot the pretty boy;;

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